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1: Beautiful
2: Amazing listener
3: Always has great shoes
4: Has more problems than she lets anyone know about
5: A shoulder to cry on
6: Tends to fall for the wrong guys
7: Funny
8: Impossible not to love
9: Often mistaken for a slut
10: Means what she says
11: Adored by guys
Gaige: who are you dating?
Cody: chrissy
Gaige: man your lucky!!!

Anna: whos your sis?
Lexi: chrissy
Anna: wow. you have a sis you can really talk to
by roseypanda199 September 19, 2009
Calling some one smart in a very sarcastic way. Usually it implies that the person being called 'smarticle' thinks they are brilliant, but they also think 'smarticle' is a real word.
Amy: I feed my cat dog food last night
Lizzie: *rolls eyes* Wow, your smarticle.
by roseypanda199 September 19, 2009
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