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The sexiest beast in the whole fucking world. One look makes you orgasm. Boys and girls.
He was a Gaige!
by Orgasm, Sexy, Gaige, Beast August 27, 2010
Someone completely fucking AWESOME! and LET!
I'm so Gaige i can't fucking bare it.
by DAIYE June 25, 2009
A total hottie and is so faithful. can get any chick he wants and is soo nice to them (well some of them). he can be a dick at sometimes but is usally a really nice sweet guy. i have had an expireence with a Gaige, he was a very sweet nice young man. A Gaige is really nice. i only really have positave things to say about a Gaige.
Omg i was out with Gaige last night he was so sweet

Hey look at Gaige over there with his (girlfriend) aww hes so (sweet)

Gaige ur a really (nice) person i (love) you babe

Hey did u see that guy at the (party) last night he was soo sweet he must have been a Gaige
by iloveyoubabe!! December 29, 2011
Hot guy who falls too fast, and doesn't really know what love is. He's a heart breaker. Usually skater, or weed head.
"There goes Gaige with his new girlfriend!"
"He told me he loved me then broke up with me! He pulled a Gaige!"
by Lightlamp107 February 18, 2010