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The sexiest beast in the whole fucking world. One look makes you orgasm. Boys and girls.
He was a Gaige!
by Orgasm, Sexy, Gaige, Beast August 27, 2010
Someone completely fucking AWESOME! and LET!
I'm so Gaige i can't fucking bare it.
by DAIYE June 25, 2009
A total hottie and is so faithful. can get any chick he wants and is soo nice to them (well some of them). he can be a dick at sometimes but is usally a really nice sweet guy. i have had an expireence with a Gaige, he was a very sweet nice young man. A Gaige is really nice. i only really have positave things to say about a Gaige.
Omg i was out with Gaige last night he was so sweet

Hey look at Gaige over there with his (girlfriend) aww hes so (sweet)

Gaige ur a really (nice) person i (love) you babe

Hey did u see that guy at the (party) last night he was soo sweet he must have been a Gaige
by iloveyoubabe!! December 29, 2011
Hot guy who falls too fast, and doesn't really know what love is. He's a heart breaker. Usually skater, or weed head.
"There goes Gaige with his new girlfriend!"
"He told me he loved me then broke up with me! He pulled a Gaige!"
by Lightlamp107 February 18, 2010
A Gaige is a bad boy. He usually has a bunch of girlfiriends, and people look at him like a player. A Gaige is usually the hottest guy around, but is not athletic. Gaige's smoke weed and love to fuck every girl he can get his hands on. Although Gaige refuses to stay in a relationship, girls crawl at his feet as if he is a god.
''Oh my gosh!! Did you just see Gaige over there, ughhh. He makes me feel some type of way!''
''Did you know that Gaige just broke up with his gf the day after he fucked her?''
''I want to lose my virginity to a Gaige!!!''
by LoveyDovey17 February 27, 2015
A kick ass donkey with a huge ass dick and a lot a Matchable pubes. He's the guy that wrote the DNA for the frog that sat on the log. He's the thumb of Chuck Norris. He's every thong in your girlfriends pants. He's the drug you take to enlarge your penis.
After the orphanage burned down all that was left was a Gaige
by Punkrock21 November 07, 2014

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