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Middle of nowhere. Exactly between SF and LA, with nothing but cows surrounding it for hundreds of miles.

Funny place where the residents all think the local ag state school is some sort of ivy league. It is really funny since pretty much nobody outside of SLO (common shortening of San Luis Obisp, pronounced "slow") have ever heard of the place. The school offers degrees in welding, and has a meat packing plant on-campus-- it is more a trade school than a typical university.

If you like cold windy summers where you need to wear a jacket or at least a sweatshirt at noon most summer days, then the weather is great. If you don't like living in a refrigerator, the weather sucks. The beaches have an arctic current that touches down on the coast here, so the water is always freezing-- you will need a full suit with hood and booties to be comfortable even in the summer.

Local scene. none.

Demographics, 99.99999% white with a large percentage of rednecks (remember ag school). Most singles are 19-22 or 60+. Most everyone in between is married.

Largest employers, the nuke plant, the prison, the schools, and other government employees. Not much besides very small companies and retail outside of those big three.

A very strange place, but it has been reported that folks here are unusually happy. I guess they don't share what they are smoking until you have been living here for a while.
San Luis Obispo is one of those unnamed cow towns where people stop for gas on their way between LA and SF.
by roobyroobyroo June 12, 2011

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