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the term that italians use to address african-american
hey don't you be-friends with eggplants ya hear me?! next thing you know, they gonna stole your stereo or some shit!
by Ronny December 08, 2003
The greatest family name of all time naturally bairds can do anything
look at that guy go shit no hes shit u shld see a baird there ausome
by ronny November 22, 2004
To steal or take away from.
The SOB just deoboed my car!
by Ronny November 19, 2003
The one who is great and has huge balls.
Buno is my friend, we hang out, along with Ronny and Jeffrey.
by Ronny December 07, 2004
Ronny is a boy from norway. A member from RunescapeCommunity with a positive rating O_O... He does many pictures in Photoshop and MS Paint but he has a life outside the computer.
MattC: hello
Ronny112113: hi
MattC: I'll invite XD.
XD/Limetang: hi
MattC: hi
Ronny112113: hi
by Ronny December 20, 2004
Baby asian
a person with big eyes
comes from a sbhs classroom
EG someone thinking of a dinosour of a tv show and that guy over there
omg its a basian

otherwise known as baby a
by ronny September 28, 2004
1. A female or a male who seduces a person by making gestures of stroking and/or sucking the cock.
2. A female or male rolling their tounge around in a circular motion on the head of the cock.
Your mom was such a cock teaser to everyone last night at the party.

Suzan likes being a cock teaser before she fucks me.
by Ronny November 19, 2003

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