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The one who is great and has huge balls.
Buno is my friend, we hang out, along with Ronny and Jeffrey.
by Ronny December 07, 2004
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A combination of the words "bad" and "uno" signifying a regrettable hookup, a mistake, not limited to looks or personality, but can also be attributed to circumstance. the word is sometimes also spelled "boono" at times when the buno is so bad that you just have to be booed and hope that nobody hits you with a head of rotting cabbage
I hooked up with a hot mom once, but her husband came home and chased me out of the house with a golf club. That was definitely a buno.

I should have worn a condom. I'm gonna have a constant reminder of that buno every couple of months.
by Fake and Floppy June 02, 2010
n. one who's greatness causes a blind sense reality
you are pompous to the point of buno.
by Ellanepakd July 02, 2005

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