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A derogatory term/slur used for the purpose of describing a Vietnamese/Asian person. Describing the slope of their eyes
Gran Torino: "Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing with my car you yellow gook slope?"
#zipperhead #chink #slant #slit #squint #yellow
by ronious October 12, 2009
The process of tucking you dick and balls back through you legs to give the illusion that you have a vagina or at least not a dick.

Most likely because rosie o'donnell is a man.
Tom gets out of the shower

Bill "hey did you get a sex change"
Tom "no, just trying out the ol' rosie o'donnell"
#rosie #o'donnell #fatass #gross #bull dyke
by ronious February 12, 2009
The nickname for the std gonorrhea. Named for clapping your hands around your dick to pop and drain the bubbles of puss growing inside. Makes it really painful to pee.
Tim: "Ah, it burns when I pee, it's like razor blades!"
John: "Dude, you definitely got the clap from the skank at that party"
#clap #gonorrhea #sick #puss #skank
by ronious February 12, 2009
Another name for snake bite piercings. The rings on either side of the bottom lip serve as rails to guide a dick right into your mouth.
Guy: "Hey guys, look at my snake bites!! I'm such a hard ass!!"

Friend: "You mean look at your dick rails. You're such a fag, I bet you can suck a mean dick with those things!!"

Everyone around the conversation: "Hahahahah!!!"
#spider bites #spider #bites #fag #piercing
by ronious October 13, 2009
the ratio of guys (p) to girls (v) at a party.
at a sausage fest:
Mike: yo we need to get more chicks here, this party is lame
Joe: i know, the p to v ratio is way off
#party #sausage fest #penis #vagina #sausage
by ronious October 15, 2009
a movie that is good all the way through, but has a horrible ending.

this is due to the fact that the eagles always choke when it comes to the playoffs, which is why they always have a bad ending without a super bowl victory.
Jake: Wow, that shitty ending ruined the whole movie.
Tom: Yeah I know. What an eagles ending.
Jake: Indeed.
#eagles #movie #philadelphia #ending #suck
by ronious January 09, 2010
Another name for car window flags.

People think they are super cool flying flags on all their car window, but everyone else thinks they are douchebags.
Doucheflag flyer: Hey check out the sweet Super Bowl champions window flag I have on my Jetta. The Patriots are the best!!
Bystander: Not only do you look like a giant douche for just having a doucheflag, but the Patriots haven't even been to the Super Bowl in years.
#douche #fag #flag #patriots #jetta
by ronious January 13, 2010
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