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Another name for car window flags.

People think they are super cool flying flags on all their car window, but everyone else thinks they are douchebags.
Doucheflag flyer: Hey check out the sweet Super Bowl champions window flag I have on my Jetta. The Patriots are the best!!
Bystander: Not only do you look like a giant douche for just having a doucheflag, but the Patriots haven't even been to the Super Bowl in years.
by ronious January 13, 2010
n., a popped collar, by which fellow douches signal their identity to each other
Bill raised his douche flag as he entered the room, forming alliances without speaking a word.

You can't buy Stacy a turtleneck, she flies a douche flag everywhere she goes.
by Sara Bert December 17, 2004
A popped collar. This gives off a clear signal that whoever is waving said doucheflag is, in fact, a douche.

Men who fly the doucheflag are often known to wear colorful plaid shorts and sport their favorite pair of Crocs.
John: Dude, Tommy should take down that doucheflag or nobody is ever going to talk to him.

Derek: Fo' sho'. He's such a douche.
by Seph Exo August 27, 2009
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