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a pimple headed freak who is attracted to skanks who work at red rooster
Brendan mead
by Rolly April 02, 2003
Tourists in cottage country, complete with dogs, kids and toys on the roof of their SUV, usually loud and annoying.
The Griswalds have taken over the next cottage, there goes sanity.
by Rolly August 20, 2005
The property of being sturdy.
My cock is so big that it knocks down walls, but it gets stuck in doors because the door frame adds sturdidity.
by rolly November 15, 2003
A chunky nut shaped thing that is found in human shit
Brendon meads shit from kurralpa
by rolly May 22, 2003
shit that gets caught in your ass hairs
scott smith of woombye sunshine coast Australia
by Rolly April 03, 2003
a little short man
kane healy of woombye Australia
Scott smith of woombye Australia
by Rolly April 03, 2003
a person who sleaps with family
Dale Myers
by Rolly April 02, 2003

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