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n., a cutesy way of saying vegetable
"Star-eagle, be sure to eat all your veggies!"
by roger the fabricator February 05, 2004
the (generally mistaken) notion that a relationship is mutually agreeable
Elmer and Antoinette are going steady.
by roger the fabricator February 16, 2004
1. a person, usually American, born during the "baby boom" of World War II.
2. the individuals who (myopically)dominated American culture up to at least the end of the Clinton era.
(also: Boomers)
"Isn't it frigging amazing how the Beatles and Led Zepplin and the Grateful Dead and Paul Simon and all those '60's bands get so much play time?"
"Not really. They're all baby boomers."
by roger the fabricator February 05, 2004
a vague, meaningless expression that a wide variety of people use to express an undefinable positive quality in an other
For instance:
"Those two police officers were really down to earth, weren't they?"
"This ski lodge has down to earth feel to it, don't you think?"
"Rainbow is one of the most down to earth individuals I know."
"Say what you want about George Bush, but he's a down to earth kinda guy."
"The astronauts were the down to earth sort"
"REI and Eddie Bauer outlets have a down to earth feel to them."
by roger the fabricator February 05, 2004
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