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an intermission for imbibing alcoholic beverages
This is our last song. After we take a little liquormission we'll be right back!
by roger the fabricator February 17, 2004
n., a punk that suddenly grows a lot of facial hair
Yikes! What happened to Jimmy? Oh my gawd! He's turned into a werepunk! Run!
by roger the fabricator February 10, 2004
n., place that animals go to (or state of mind they achieve) during a really good scratching
Fluffy's eyes rolled back in her head, and her leg kicked spasmotically. She was in the scratchosphere.
by roger the fabricator February 09, 2004
n., 1. an area designated by a neighborhood in which no cops and/or military (esp. foreign occupiers) are allowed to go or suffer armed resistance.
2.some other restricted area, like a bedroom or the cookie jar
We set up barricades on sixteen city blocks to create a no go zone against the robo-cops.

My closet is now officially a no go zone, so stay out!
by roger the fabricator February 13, 2004
n.,bed, bedroom or wherever you have sex.

This expression, so far as I know, was first used on "The Dating Game", the television game show.
Last night in the whoopie arena, will your partner say there was more harmonizing, compromizing or agonizing?"
by roger the fabricator February 05, 2004
one who fetishes work. Oftentimes the workerist will either:
a. not work much or at all
b. be a workaholic
Crusty had a trust fund and didn't work. Helen worked at the steelmill for six cents a day. Joe is looking for work but must beg for food. Alan is a manager and yuppie. Whaat they all have in common is that they will all talk about how important it is to have a strong work ethic. They are workerists.
by roger the fabricator February 16, 2004
an exclamation of frustration used around children when you don't want to use the exclamation "oh,crap!"
Blasterfladderap! I burned the quiche!
by roger the fabricator February 09, 2004

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