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Individuals who frequent Wal-Mart and consider it the social event of the day. Usually accompanied by a blank stare, inane conversation, ususally in the middle of an aisle, and more than likely, some sort of combination of bedclothes and trailer park chic fashions.
" I went to Wal-mart today and it was full of Wal-Martians, just standing around, taking up space, and sucking the intelligence out of me as I walked past.
#wal-mart #rednecks #trailer trash #hilljacks #wal-martains
by rockman08 March 23, 2006
The act of sitting on the toliet backwards,facing the tank and taking a crap. The fecal material will be deposited in the bowl, above the water line, resulting in a very aromatic deposit. Secondly, when flushed, the water from the bowl will not be in the proper alignment to wash the offending turd into the drain, leaving it to dry and stain the bowl until some poor bastard has to physically remove it.
The boss pissed me off this morning, so I decided that beaching one in the executive washroom just prior to his morning movement was the perfect revenge.
#crap #shit #dump #upper deck #tanking one
by rockman08 August 29, 2006
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