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People who are constantly trying to ruin your life.Or trying to embarress you to death or trying to "help" but instead,in the process,just making matters worse.
Parent:"Honey!I told julie that cheerleader girl,to help you with your training bra after swimming!" or "James!You can't go to that "Killers" concert!" or (In front of half the school)"Janelle!On tuesday we're shopping for pads!I Love you Bubblebutt!Make new friends, Janelly Welly pook!"
by Rock Goddess May 15, 2005
A frontal wedgie;a wedgie that only women/girls get in their frontal private area.
A random person:"Hey!Look!That ladies got her shorts up her front!She's got a Cameltoe!"
by Rock Goddess May 15, 2005
a young stupid guy that thinks hes all bad and also thinks he could get all the 20 year olds
lil bow wow should go to his dog house and eat his dog friskies
by rock goddess September 20, 2003
A substitute for the word "Fuck","Shit", or "Damn". You can say this anywhere except for at or near a very prim and proper english person.Or your stuck up parents who might punish you from going to the next BIG BEST THING.If you're trying to stop cussing as much or can't cuss where you are at that moment,you can use this word.
You:"Fudgemonkey!I spilled red juice on my white shirt!" or "I'm so grounded from the MCR concert!Fudgmonkey!"
by Rock Goddess May 15, 2005
a 16-year-old rich brat that is spoiled by Noin,Zechs,and the others buy telling her that she could be queen at such a young age.She realy is a hipocrite because she says shes going to stop this war but she never moves a finger for her people.All she does is stalk a poor handsome boy named Heero Yuy that is one step closer to vomiting if she doesn't leave him alone.Relena thinks she could rule a world with no weapons.There will never be a world without weapons.The world is an endless waltz
by rock goddess August 27, 2003
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