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Noin verb : (n-OY-n) To stay in ones pajamas till noon typically in a slothful, lazy, negligent, indulgent manner. Also relaxing. A combination of the words "noon" and "in" both referring to being "in" ones PJ's till noon and being in ones home, hotel room, van, till noon. Noin is often used as a replacement for doing nothing or little to nothing to do thus resulting in slovenly/relaxed behavior. Being a bum or taking it easy. Present tense"Noining"
Person A: "What are your plans tomorrow?"
Person B: "Probably watching cartoons and noining"

This week has been a brick to my face. I am just going to sit back, noin, and play video games.

Ever since he lost his job all he does is noin.

I bet she could get a decent boyfriend if she would get off the couch and stop noining.

I am so stressed all I want to do this weekend is noin.
by theoriginalmichaela May 22, 2010
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