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1)multiple rhinocerouses.
2)a funny word
1) my, look at all those rhinoceri! (hey...that rhymed)
2) rhinoceri!!! hahahahahhahahah! *ow my riiiibs*
by robyn November 29, 2004
ugly and preppy
ur so upnus
by robyn September 20, 2003
the name of David... who exists as long as he loves &cherishs silly roo
silly poo and silly roo spent the night together last night, and it was hot.
by robyn March 16, 2005
A misprint when you slide your finger the wrong way when trying to be loved
Hey! You! I lorb you!
by Robyn March 23, 2005
The bestest Robyn ever had and will have!!! =o)
by Robyn August 02, 2003
a diahrea fart. A fart where a little liquid escapes with the blow, usually staining the britches.
Could you please excuse Bubba from work? He ate some bad Mexican that gave him the darts so he had to come home to change his drawers...
by Robyn November 20, 2003
Anyone who spends a lot of time on a Postboard, and thinks they are better than everyone else on it.
Most weezer.com boardies act like they are better than everyone else on the board.
by Robyn July 30, 2003

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