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This is when you have three sets of two of something
In basketball, if a player has 10 assists, 13 rebounds, and 12 blocked shots that is a triple double
by Robyn September 03, 2003
Movie created in the mid-80s by Steven Spielberg. Spawned phenomenas like the truffle shuffle, Chunk, and Sloth
Do the Truffle Shuffle!
by Robyn July 30, 2003
Get off my grill means to back off!
When your friend is all in your face and your sick of him/her in your business.
by Robyn October 28, 2004
The country you will one day be saluting as your conquerors.
"All hail the mighty Klopatchistan"
by robyn April 07, 2005
The killing of punk music by Yellowcard.
"I can't believe punk music these days." "I know, it all went downhill after the yellocaust."
by Robyn September 04, 2004
The vastness, depth and elasticity of a female's vaginal canal.
After venturing into her ocean depths, I nearly drowned and almost didn't return.
by Robyn February 25, 2004
Spakmaster is when you go to town with your brother and you find out that YOU'RE favourite band is playing and youre brother buys 2 tickets for him and his best mate!!!
Robyn: Look Bullet For My Valentine are playin in february!!!!!
Matty: ((making his way over to the kiosk)) Can i have two tickets for Bullet For My Valentine?
Robyn: Are you taking me!??!
Matty: No, Dan!
by Robyn January 28, 2005

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