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A message or anecdote that spans several successive tweets, each individual tweet akin to a page of a book.

A bitch to read, and even more so to type out, especially if its an @reply

A: Did you just see that Twitter Novel from Mark? That thing was like 5-6 tweets long!
B: Yeah, what's the point with this stupid 140 character shit anyway?
by Robomonkey April 11, 2009
sinfulcindy. a PBR member and known by everyone. calls turambar "tama"
turambar: stfu. n00b.
thunderpig: qwned!
by robomonkey September 13, 2004
Evil, Mean, but funny at the same time, he is a moderator at the PBreview forums. he used to be refered as a 'nazi' due to the way he did his job. he is very respected and is also a fan of anime.
nick names include:

Tama, Turamby, Turamguy, Trumbar, Trumby,or Tony. (dont call him by the last one. or uber bannage will occur)

Turambar means 'master of evil' (correct me if i am wrong.)
Anthony (Turambar) is a very nice man. yet, he suffers from 56k syndrome.
by Robomonkey October 26, 2004
what to say about him...well he is a fat guy who resides in california. he attends school. and he is an avid gamer. Robomonkey plays Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, America's Army, The Specialists, Digital paintball, Rise of Nations, and soon, Half Life 2 and CS: Source.

Robomonkey is also a PBR member. he resides in OT and rarely goes into GPB talk. when he does, he is a complete noob. but, he still loves paintball.
Robomonkey!: wow. five TMP kills in a row. i ownt j00.

Robomonkey! wrote this.
by Robomonkey December 07, 2004
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