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2 definitions by robomartion

After having quite a long conversation; and after farewelling and parting from the other, one of the two in the conversation might suddenly bring up something new to talk about. This sparks an additional conversation about that topic. A post-conversation conversation can last up to a couple of hours; but normally last for about three to four minutes.
John: 'I just had the longest post-conversation conversation with Bob.'

Harry: 'cool beans.'
by robomartion September 03, 2011
The act of involving one's self with activities that include the association of other Bosses; or activities that they involve them self with which in turn, cause them to considered a boss.

(A derivative of Boss, or Like a Boss whom The Lonely Island made popular).
That there be Bossery! There be some definite Bossery goin' on in that hole this hour.
by robomartion July 15, 2011