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often used by nar dans such as halley northridge, and jack duggan.
apparently used to describe some thing that was extremely humourous, and/or a humourous person.
Although a nar dans sense of humour is some what, undeveloped, this term is used as a signal to all other lower ranked bledrin to laugh hystericaly.
(observed uses in the wild)
"nar that was bear joke!"
" he is joke!bear..,"
(this is blived to simply be a problem encountered in the part of the brain dealing with speach, apparently this particular subjects grammar had rotted to a point that he found it hard to speak at all)
by rizo299 October 22, 2004
nar: a comonly used term of the nar dans in fact, a term so comly used that the word nar dan is derived from it. To this day the true meaning of this term eludes me. It can aparently be used in many contexts, and its meanings range from "no" to " i want to smash your skull with a blunt object".nar is often used in conjunction with the term dan.
" nar! you is gonna regret calling ma hoe!"
by rizo299 March 11, 2004
man fan: (noun) 1. a mans bottom
2. a womans furry lower areas
objectively: there is a man fan.
subjectively:look at the man fan.
adjectively: you look like a man fan.
by rizo299 March 11, 2004

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