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verb. the act of spooking some one by jumping out at them and yelling the phrase "spaghet!"
guy1: "spaghet!"

guy2: "aaaaaaaaaaah!"
by rileymoore July 11, 2008
verb. the act of severely beating someone with an insulin pump.
"benji, if you make one more diabetes joke, i'm funna cled the shit out of you!
by rileymoore July 10, 2008
"doing a hurricane katrina." the act of lining up a line of cocaine next to a line of heroin next to a line of meth next to a line of tang orange juice powder, then putting two straws in each nostril and snorting it all at once.
Steve wanted to get fucked up after the show, so he went the bathroom and did hurricane katrinas until his nose bled
by rileymoore July 11, 2008
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