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A person with doll like features. Usually larger eyes that draw attention to the person. Very attractive. A Noopy is a sweet person who's looks usually gets them by and beyond trouble. They have a angelic innocent look about them. Noopys can be the fanasty of dirty older people. Noopys are usually loyal and funny and honest. There is nothing like making a enemy with a Noopy because Noopys can persuade anyone to join forces with them. Noopys are like mystical people they can mind control people. When raged Noopys show they are superior to other humans.
Jessica: There is something about that guy over there I cant stop staring.

Susie: That's because he is a Noopy

Jim: Wow that chick is superly hot
Kevon: She is surely a Noopy
#innocent #super mystical #hero #friend #buddy #loyal #sexy #freaky
by ricothefreakoleako September 23, 2011
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