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8 definitions by rickysayshi

when a person overacts immensely. it is generally more accepted in the theatre but criticised in film and tv. can also describe a person who is being fake. also called "hamming it"
Barbara Kellerman in the BBC adaptation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe shows a lot of ham acting in her portrayal of the White Witch.
by rickysayshi January 01, 2009
29 10
The female equivalent to a lumberjack
"I'm a girl who chops trees, that makes me a lumberjill"
by rickysayshi August 20, 2009
21 5
a suffix that is added onto another word when describing a person who is doing something for the first time.
"You've caught me. I'm a laundry-virgin"
by rickysayshi January 01, 2009
6 0
a slang word for a lesbian
"Too bad that bird's an oyster diver"
by rickysayshi January 01, 2009
9 4
an actor (usually American) or anyone attempting to an accent using an incredibly bad English accent. named after actor Dick Van Dyke's fake cockney accent in the film Mary Poppins.
"That guy is pulling a dick van dyke with that accent over there"
by rickysayshi January 01, 2009
17 18
a smullen is an expression used to describe a high strung person with frequent mood swings. said person will usually talk very fast and will introduce random topics into the conversation.
"Sean must be bi-polar or something. He keeps going from happy to angry every two minutes. He's such a smullen"
by rickysayshi May 10, 2009
1 7
a term used in the military to say everything is in order. another way of saying squared away or ship shape.
"Is everything in order?"
"Everything is five by five"
by rickysayshi January 01, 2009
32 50