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A really ugly person
that guy over there looks like E.T.'s Asshole!
by richardskull October 17, 2009
When a young male trys to go out with a much older woman, usually for the purpose of getting laid or getting money.
johnny: I just asked out that that lady Janice out!

robert: Isnt she about 40?

johnny: yeah, why?

robert: Thats nasty why are you Baggin A Hag?
by richardskull October 17, 2009
this is the same as fisting, except it is done with the foot instead of the fist. foosted = foot + fisted.
I foosted that girl right in the twat!

"How was work?" "bad we got foosted so hard we couldnt even eat lunch!"
by richardskull October 17, 2009
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