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what the fuck ever you want
I bust my nickel plated whistle and let one slip into that crazy fool.
by RicHARD September 23, 2003
worn out pussy
that girl is so wore out she looks like a gutted pumpkin
by Richard May 08, 2003
Invited by a user on a popular video sharing site, it describes people who dye their hair blue. It's similar to how people call redheads "fire crotches." Color of water = blue. Color of blue haired girls crotches = blue.

There's a whole lot of water crotches on Stickam
by Richard January 24, 2008
The term for reproduction and recreation "sex" pronounced in a form of Dutch accent.

See also: Austin Powers in Goldmember
Yesch, after we dansche with the clogsh it'sh time to get our schex on!
by Richard September 16, 2004
The act of skidding to a stop on one's face, or lower lip. To catch one's front edge while snowboarding, resulting in a wipe out where the rider ends up on their face. See bail and face plant
Holy shit, that guy just did a huge lip skid when he tried to stop on his snowboard
by Richard November 26, 2003
To shoot someone.
With a gun.
Pull out the 9.
Pop in the clip.
And let one slip....
Into these crazy fools
by RicHARD September 23, 2003
A wanker in Australia; a tosser in UK. One who has a grip on himself, but not reality, esp in relation to his place in it.
That bloke is a real puller.
by Richard September 03, 2003

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