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what the fuck ever you want
I bust my nickel plated whistle and let one slip into that crazy fool.
by RicHARD September 23, 2003
Invited by a user on a popular video sharing site, it describes people who dye their hair blue. It's similar to how people call redheads "fire crotches." Color of water = blue. Color of blue haired girls crotches = blue.

There's a whole lot of water crotches on Stickam
by Richard January 24, 2008
the rule that dictates that after you leave a seat it only belongs yours for 3 seconds, any longer then its fair game for who ever wants to nab it.
p1: oi bitch, you nicked my seat
p2: three second rule man.
by Richard November 05, 2004
The term for reproduction and recreation "sex" pronounced in a form of Dutch accent.

See also: Austin Powers in Goldmember
Yesch, after we dansche with the clogsh it'sh time to get our schex on!
by Richard September 16, 2004
8th Avenue in Chelsea, New York
Hey, dude. I'll see you later on gay row!
by richard September 15, 2004
The act of skidding to a stop on one's face, or lower lip. To catch one's front edge while snowboarding, resulting in a wipe out where the rider ends up on their face. See bail and face plant
Holy shit, that guy just did a huge lip skid when he tried to stop on his snowboard
by Richard November 26, 2003
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