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Derived from "appreciate" ; used to show gratitude or thanks.
Lil ol nigga lookin for some preesh a leesh.
by rex November 14, 2004
Buisness in the front, party in the back
The ideal hairstyle for one who leads a life of both buisness and leisure
by rex March 06, 2005
To get going or to start moving.

On a speed scale, a merzy is faster than a mosey, but not as fast as a skdaddle
1. Your ready? Good - Lets merzy.
2. I cant hang around - I gotta merzy
by Rex January 12, 2005
To drop a quarter hit of LSD.
I set the alarm an hour early, took a quarter hit when it rang, and went back to sleep. When I woke up, everthing was just a little cockeyed. I was questing all day.
by Rex December 11, 2003
comes from the latin word Borangeous-Boobious.
basicly means saggy old wrinkly tits.
Yo mamma has borangeboobs!
by rex January 04, 2005
Gay person from #gamersdream who likes youngmen while playing paintball. He also likes to cry alot.
Hey you stu, you just got p33nt.
by rex March 24, 2005
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