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A game where the player takes the title of a movie and substitutes one of the words for "anus". Originally made up by a thirteen year old who now resides in Northern Virginia.
The Anus Game:

"Fun with Dick and Anus"

"The Anus who would be King"

"Indiana Jones and the Anus of Doom"
by resto776 September 27, 2009
What grows on your upper lip when you can't grow a real mustache. (Usually found on hispanic kids and high school freshman.)
I made my mom go out and get me a Mach 3 Turbo so I could shave off my sweet spic-stache.
by resto776 August 31, 2009
A half-assed apology which is used to get one out of a tight spot while not taking any ownership in what was said.
"I apologize if anyone may have taken my comments the wrong way. Now, the real matter at hand is...."

That's an obamapology.
by resto776 January 05, 2010
N. A female human who is a gross slut and probably takes it up her butt from multiple guys a week.
Bro, why are you still talking to Rachel, she's a total slut-mcbutt. She wouldn't let you watch any movies with Nicolas Cage and bossed you around like a pussy.
by resto776 February 06, 2014
v. To sway someone or hinder their better judgement using only the cunning of your words.
To go to the Matisyahu concert I had to lecterize my mom by making her remember how her mother didnt let her go to a Rolling Stones concert when she was a teen and while not at the concert, was raped by her uncle.
by resto776 November 28, 2009

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