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Fear of the number 13.

The year 1998 was a bad for triskaidekaphobics. Strictly, the word does refer only to fear of the number 13, but it’s often extended to mean fear of the inauspicious date Friday 13th. That year was one of the comparatively rare ones in which that date turned up three times. Every year has at least one Friday 13th, but in each of the 28-year cycles of our calendar there are four years that have three of them. The only consolation I can offer to those affected is that there won’t be another for 11 years. But then we shall have three in short order: 2009, 2012 and 2015. The word’s origins are all Greek, from tris, “three”, kai, “and”, deka, “ten” (so making thirteen), plus phobia, “fear, flight”. The word is a modern formation, dating only from 1911 (it first appeared in I H Coriat’s Abnormal Psychology). Though it has a serious use in psychology, it seems to exist mostly to provide an opportunity for people like me to show off weird words from classical languages.
I'm triskaidekaphobic(no I'm not).
by rentastrawberry October 26, 2004
n. latin for:{literally, remember that you must die} a reminder of mortality; esp: death's-head.
Memento mori...and I will kill you!
by rentastrawberry October 27, 2004
1 n. A type of pasta.
2 n. Thin Spaghetti

NOTE: Dont get this confussed with angel dust which is crack.
Damn this angel hair from olive garden tastes like crap.
by rentastrawberry October 25, 2004
An excessive fear of France or anything having to do with France including its language and culture.
Bush was Gallophobic so he named french fries freedom fries instead.
by rentastrawberry October 27, 2004
1. n: German; a week of partying leading up to Mardi Gras. Anything goes this week.
During Fashing I went to 18 parties, was hung over six days, and had 248 alcoholic drinks.
by rentastrawberry October 26, 2004
This is the famous move that the wrestling hero The Killier Kawalsky did to his opponents in the ring. It's also used to tickle someone on the stomach.
My father gave me the Killer Kawalsky Claw and I hate him for it.
by rentastrawberry October 26, 2004
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