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stupid ,shit for brains,idiot.one who is completely lacking intelligence
what did you do that for ?you fucking dough head.
by rene December 06, 2003
A creepy person. Someone who does something creepy.
That lady with the forty bold cats sure is a real creepazoid.
by Rene November 17, 2004
verb. To waste time doing nothing.
Instead of doing my homework, I decided to piddlefart around for two hours.
by Rene April 25, 2005
Occurs when two people are playing a drinking game and their friends want to get the ball rolling on them fuckin' that night.
Barbie and Ken have to kiss for Stacy's drunken hook-up card.
by rene February 23, 2005
Extremly dumb Fucker
Lidson is ab extremly dumb fucker !
by rene November 29, 2004
bezedrine is a drug, it is used to let people fall asleep for the time you want it (dose) but you can wake up from it whenever you are disturbed so it is not an narcotic drug, much like the sleeping pill though but softer
I am going to bezedrine that person just because i like to see the person to sleep.
by Rene October 22, 2003
Endangered shadow creature obsessed with swords and green tea. Most often found beheading adversaries and making smoochy noises with Rene.
Gendou done sliced you up big time, foo.
by Rene August 24, 2003

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