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by Vash Westland October 20, 2003
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The medical name for Crystal Meth / Ice / Glass / Jib / Crank.
After The Urinalisis we concluded that the person was under the influence of many drugs one being Bezedrine.
by Jimbo October 22, 2003
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n. bennies, uppers, etc. a type of drug, best known for usage by the BEATS. sometimes used in speedballs.
"I cooked me up a mean speedball with cocaine and benzedrine."
by Lunarose October 21, 2003
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bezedrine is a drug, it is used to let people fall asleep for the time you want it (dose) but you can wake up from it whenever you are disturbed so it is not an narcotic drug, much like the sleeping pill though but softer
I am going to bezedrine that person just because i like to see the person to sleep.
by Rene October 22, 2003
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