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10 definitions by rene

Asking who drank the last beer.
Jose: Who shot john
You: I man that was the last one
by Rene November 25, 2004
complete chaos. no control of the government....an idea that will never work because of all the ignorant people of the world who would mistake no rules into complete stupidity
"Hey, theres no rules!!! lets go shoot people!!"
by Rene December 21, 2003
el place donde stan the homeboys y las homegirls, nomas chillando y tirando trip.
thug 1: ey wey stoy bored, pa onde ay pa party.
thug 2: no se bro, pero call el yoni, i think que he wants to go.
thug 3: ey homies, vamos pa FUEEEEGOOOO!
by Rene January 03, 2005