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15 definitions by rel74

A sleazy person who has Face Of a Goat and Lips Of Fish (hence the term FOGLOF).
Check out that FOGLOF over there!!
Fuck me look at the state of that FOGLOF!!
by REL74 February 11, 2010
Slightly balding fake asian, that bullshits a lot, says "yes" all the time and fails to deliver!
Steve - Are you coming to the party tonight?
John - Yes!
Steve- Don't you be doing a nodders on me!!!
John - I won't!!

(John fails to turn up) John's done a nodders on us!!
by REL74 February 11, 2010
Another term for rubber jonny, condom or moran!!
I'm bringing a bird home tonight, but she won't shag me without a nodbag!

What time is moran coming round? Who...Nodbag? Yeah!!
by REL74 February 10, 2010
One who spits saliva while talking and becomes aggressive after consuming a large intake of alcohol, generally watching football matches. Loves an alcohol fuelled fight (men or women included).
John - I got barred last night from my local public house while watching the football!!!
Dave - Why? What did you do?
John - I did a "sweeny"!
Dave - You clown! How long are you barred for?
John - For life!!
by REL74 February 11, 2010
Ecstacy tablets
I've been on the critters again and i'm fucked out of my head!
by REL74 February 10, 2010
When one's penis is not quite a semi, and not quite flacid. A bit in between!!
Dave - I've got a quarti!!!
Donna - What's that?
Dave - I've not got quite a semi on, but its not dead limp either!!
Donna - Aah a quarti.....good call!
by REL74 April 20, 2010
When one is being given deep throat (hence throat) and at the point of ejaculation unleashes his gear all over the recipients face (cockney rhyming slang for face is boat race). Thus resulting in a bit of throat and boat.
Lee: I copped for some dirty bird last night!!
Ian: Did you get a shag?
Lee: No, but I got a bit of throat and boat...which was rather pleasant!!!
Ian: The dirty bitch!!!
by REL74 February 26, 2010