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Eloise is one of the most hilarious girls you could ever meet. She is friendly, has strong morals and is beautiful on the inside and out. She loves listening to Coldplay's "Yellow" with her best friend whilst crying in bed late at night after the school dance. Eloise is very supportive and only wants the best for people, which is what makes her such a great friend. She cares about her friends, and is there for them always, especially when her best friend raves on about her nephew. Eloise is over all amazing, and she really is the coolest person out!
Me: Oi Louis, why do you like bastian?
Eloise: Cause he's the bestian!
Me: Why don't you go for Brentifer?
Eloise: Are you kidding me?! I could never go out with a lunar eclipse!
by regina15 September 10, 2012

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