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The coolest person you will ever meet. They will try their hardest to never let you down. They can also give some of the most pleasurable sex you will ever have and normally have a penis well over average size. They are compassionate and friendly but they like to be naughty. They also love to work with their hands.
Guy 1: Hey man can I and Bastian come over?
Guy 2: Yeah man, that Bastian kid is awesome.
by Thatoneguy17 October 13, 2009
Deriving from the German word Nazi, this name is most often associated with individuals of the Aryan race. People with this name are often German, anti-semetic, have hideous fashion sense and are terrible pool players. They commonly prey on freshman girls by either poisoning them with alcohol or spiking their drink and/or food.
Guy 1: "Hey what are you doing to that girl's drink"
Guy 2: "I'm going to Bastian her!"
by Marashinator November 30, 2010

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