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17 definitions by redpooka

A descriptive phrase meaning when a person offers a fictional account of an unlikely accident to excuse a huge real-life blunder or to cover up an act of pure cowardice.
The Captain would have stayed behind with the sinking ship if he hadn't tripped into the lifeboat.

The ER staff really tripped into the lifeboat with the patient.

He tripped into the lifeboat on that decision.
by redPooka January 20, 2012
The lean week before pay day when the main groceries left in the pantry consists of Ramen soup and/or peanut butter.
Kids, you better enjoy this stew now because Ramenbutter Week starts Monday!

Leave it to my in-laws to pick Ramenbutter Week to come for a visit.
by redPooka March 20, 2011
Descriptive term derived from the compound words "fiction" and "propaganda"

Fiction written with the conscious or subconscious intention to recruit readers into accepting a certain morality system, philosophy, political view or religious doctrine.
The novel had some good moments, but I was put off by the fictioganda premise.

Anne Rice's newer work is pure fictioganda.
by redPooka March 17, 2011
1. A child conceived or adopted because it is considered the fashionable or chic thing to do.
2. A child looked upon as a status symbol by the parent.
Bradgelina are looking to get their next accessory kid from China.

She wanted an accessory kid to go along with her trophy husband.
by redPooka April 07, 2013
When a man actively pursues relations with women known for frequent indiscriminate acts of sexual intercourse.
My buddy went skank fishing last week and returned home with a big mess of crabs.
by redPooka April 07, 2013
The temporary blindness or other visual problems that occur from trying to read hardly discernible product disclaimers on TV ads.
I can't see the program for this lingering disclaimer blindness!
by redPooka September 02, 2012
Derived from the word "gal", as in woman and the terms, "biceps" and "triceps".

Any defined muscles on a man located above the naval that have been purposely removed of hair, leaving a smooth appearance similar to a woman's legs after shaving or waxing.
He'd be sexy if it weren't for those silly galceps.

Why are all the Romance covers plastered with galceps?
by redPooka April 03, 2011