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A combination descriptive term derived from the words "fornicate" and "formula" used to describe a type of literature (usually of a romantic or sensual theme) that relies unnecessarily on coarse words, modernly stereotypical character development and repetition of limited terminology throughout erotic passages. Basically, an uninspired style of grinding out predictable porn under the guise of modern and/or kick-ass romantic literature.

Antonym: purple prose
Normal writing: her fingertips drifted over his lean, hard torso, inching slowly toward his erect manhood.

Fornicula: she touched his gut and groped his dick.

Normal writing: The glint in the handsome rogue's eyes enchanted her entirely, silencing forever the voice of reason that warned this could be a mistake.

Fornicula: Damn the consequences! She wanted to screw this man-ho!
by redPooka March 16, 2011

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