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Term derived from the root words "Feminist" and "tool".

A man who embraces and/or endorses Feminism out of his own irresponsible attitude toward women. Femintools see traditional western views on masculine behavior (such as opening doors for women and the idea of "women and children first") as potential threats to their own self-serving interests and existence. Pampered Mama's boy s often make the choice to become Femintools upon reaching adulthood.
Your Mom will never have to lose her little boy to another woman since she raised such a Femintool.

I can't tell if Charlie Sheen genuinely doesn't know how to treat women or is just a Femintool.
by redPooka March 16, 2011
A descriptive term derived from combination of the name of the 47th Vice President of the United States and the adjective dense

1. The state of being offensive yet too dense to notice or care.

2. A tendency in an individual to utter insensitive remarks without thinking of the implications of the comment or its consequences

3. An offensive verbal gaffe
"I pray his Joe Bidense isn't contagious."

"One day doctors may have a cure for your Joe Bidense, but until then make everyone happy and just pretend you're mute."

"The peace treaties were going well until she opened her mouth and her Joe Bidense took over."
by redPooka August 28, 2012
The act of someone posting comments that are pro-Paulite and generally as an angry response to posts or web discussions that 1. are critical of presidential candidate Ron Paul, 2. supportive of other presidential candidates, 3. mentions or alludes to other presidential candidates but not Ron Paul, 4. that question, in any way, the views or philosophies of presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Paulite fall out is often delivered in a rapid succession of posts, comments and anonymous flames that repeat the basic Ron Paul campaign ideology but are not in themselves conductive toward constructive discussions. The practice is not officially endorsed or sanctioned by the Ron Paul campaign.
The video was humorous but received nothing but Paulite fall out.

Our thread has been littered with Paulite fall out.

Apparently some think my blog is their personal Paulite fall out.
by redPooka February 08, 2012
1. An individual who stands outside their home talking loud enough that everyone in the neighborhood has to hear their conversation. 2. An individual who knowingly rants their opinions and views loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.
We were kept up half the night by the neighborhood soundbyte.

The neighborhood soundbyte keeps us abreast of the town gossip, whether we want to hear it or not.

The neighborhood soundbyte is foaming at the mouth again.
by redPooka January 25, 2012
Descriptive term derived from the base words, "Snooki" and "Stella".

A loud, obnoxious woman, usually of limited intellectual capacity, whose primary concerns are partying, getting drunk and being the center of attention.
Your snookirella cousin just called asking for bail.

I can't believe they invited that snookirella!
by redPooka April 03, 2011
1. A child conceived or adopted because it is considered the fashionable or chic thing to do.
2. A child looked upon as a status symbol by the parent.
Bradgelina are looking to get their next accessory kid from China.

She wanted an accessory kid to go along with her trophy husband.
by redPooka April 07, 2013
A male senior citizen who is well-versed in and/or familiar with technological advances, current events and personalities trending in the news

The male equivalent of a Trend Gram
Ever since we got the internet Dad's become a real Trend Pop.
by redPooka August 28, 2012

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