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An expletive used by the characters of Battlestar Galactica that refers to the putrid and crusty black grime that would accumulate on various pieces of machinery and required scraping off during maintenance. Possibly Battlestar-speak for bullshit.
"The XO wants a full report from you about the fight in the mess hall on his desk by morning."
"Hey, I spent all night confined to quarters already, and Tyrol was out of the infirmary in a couple hours. This is a load of feldercarb."
by redhex September 05, 2006
To surround your product in a hurricane of hyperbolic and possibly false claims that contradict actual product experience, as a form of offensive damage control and PR. The hope that one can spin shortcomings and failures so actively and so frequently that your manic bluster overtakes negative opinion/experience in the public awareness. Attempts to change received wisdom to portray the products failures as benefits and the wave of the future, and competitors advantages as disadvantages, old fashioned and possibly broken.
"You see that news about removed European PS3 backwards compatibility?"
"Yeah, and then they pulled a Sony and said old games were the past and PS3 games were the future."

"Man, I wish the PS3 had rumble. The Wii manages it with way better motion sensing to boot."
"Me too, but you saw them pull that Sony and say rumble was a last generation feature."

"Wow, I've been in town all day and there are PS3's sitting around EVERYWHERE - nobody's buying them at all!"
"Tell me about it - but every day now they pull a Sony and tell us demand is unprecedented. Can't say I'd noticed!"

"Damn - I bought a CD last week and it installed a bunch of crud on my computer. I read on the Internet I can't remove it. Now my MP3's are all screwed up and everything is slow."
"Oh yeah - you got hit by that Sony rootkit. They think everyone's a pirate. But they pulled a Sony and said since most people don't know what a rootkit is, it's their right to install one on everyone's computers to protect the music industry. Don't you feel better now?"

"Jesus! My laptop battery just exploded! I lost all my data."
"Sucks to be you pal. Sony batteries are exploding everywhere, they're recalling them. But not to worry; they said it was just a challenge to make better batteries that would show the Sony spirit. How's that for pulling a Sony?"
by redhex February 27, 2007

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