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Texas slang for telling someone what to do. In other news, Texas really needs to learn English.
When Jimbo left without feeding the horses, Big Paw got ready to scatter the riders.
by red_beard_neo April 08, 2004
I am me. Anything else is just a label.
Don't you just hate self-help books?
by red_beard_neo May 25, 2004
The "terrible secret of space" is that it is infinite, as hard a concept as that is for some people to wrap their heads around.
The pusher robot pushed grandma out into space, and she never came back from the opposite direction. Guess space is infinite after all.
by red_beard_neo April 15, 2004
1. The act of making waffles.

2. The act of rapidly changing one's stated position on issues. Both major US political parties do this.
1. The Belgian chef spent the morning waffling.

2. Bush and Kerry spent the morning waffling.
by red_beard_neo August 24, 2004
Genetically-modified food crops, often including the insertion of genetic material that cannot be found in nature. While we're assured they are safe, little testing goes into making sure this is true.
Many countries and consumers are wising up to the hazards inherent in frankenfoods.
by red_beard_neo May 19, 2004
Genetically-Modified Organism, such as frankenfoods, of questionable safety due to lack of testing.
Growing numbers of people are refusing to trust GMOs.
by red_beard_neo May 19, 2004
Very nummy bean curd that can be used a variety of ways. No, it's not really natural. Neither is most of the stuff we eat.
We had peppers and tofu stir-fried in hot sauce for supper.
by red_beard_neo December 21, 2003
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