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A technician. One who works on the technical aspect of any production. Often work into the wee hours the night before a show opens and still receive little recognition.
Without techies, we wouldn't have a show.
by red dragon July 17, 2003
The title of the song by Tool is actually one word. The stinkfist analogy "desensitized to everyting, what became of subtlety" can be used to compare the way things were about fifty years ago to the way they are today. The song talks about digging deeper to find a deeper meaning.
by red dragon July 17, 2003
small, single-celled fungi of the phylum Ascomycota that reproduce by fission and are capable of fermenting carbohydrates into alcohol and carbon dioxide (Webster's).
I baked the bread and waited for the yeast to rise.
How does not using toilet paper make you a slut?
by red dragon July 17, 2003
Same as a "Spincter Says What" lead.
Hey "Dicfer", Tom said
Whats a "Dicfer"? asked Joel.
I you don't know....
by Red Dragon October 10, 2003
The act of cumming in ones anus. The intent is the "Pre-Act" to Felching.
After Mary finished tossing my salad she attemped to Felch me, but how could she? Tom had yet to Spelch in my ass.
by Red Dragon October 10, 2003
A Pom from the Isle of Pom who loves his mom and dad and is very patriotic
Homestar Runner's main man
The most mackinest
One who dresses as Michael Moore for Halloween
Pom Pom and Strong Bad are totally going out.
by red dragon October 05, 2003
While performing the act of defecating on the cellophane over your partner's mouth, a sudden tear accidentally forms and the log torpedoes into his/her mouth.
Tim could not foresee that by having bought the saran wrap at the Dollar Store would only lead to torpedoing the Glass- Bottom Steam Boat and ending a perfect night of love.
by Red Dragon October 18, 2003

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