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A bipedal mammal of the homo sapiens variety that is born for ONLY some specific purposes and nothing else. Those Purposes are listed below:

1. taking the garbage out
2. cleaning the car
3. taking a more evolved homo sapiens (read woman) shopping
4. opening doors
5. fixing a leak, in short all the dirty jobs

this mammal can be trained into domestication with false assurances of superiority, food and BEER... doesn't often cry or shout, but sulks when angry and is rather notorious for the silent treatment. A social creature that prefers to stay away from family gatherings but cannot resist going to the pub with others of his kind for BEER!!! Much like the Sus scrofa domesticus (pig in scientific terms), this creature likes to wallow in filth, consoling itself with false notions of being "itself". Often, this creature confuses its private parts to be the seat of knowledge and begins to think with it. In all such cases, the more evolved specimen (woman) admits her mistake and charms it with sex and food (irresistible combination). However, this very act of the woman leads the man into thinking that every woman is born to please it, which is when a woman must take off the outer covering of protection for her hind limbs (sandals) and whack the man on its private parts, which is, by far the weakest area in its body inspite of all notions of its strength!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Go! Take the garbage out! It's a man's job!"
by rebelbikergal April 24, 2010

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