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A substitute sex act, supposedly popular among Utah college students, where the man and woman sit in the same room staring at each other naked without making physical contact.
I didn't want to get kicked out of school for sexing it up, so we had a hot viewing session in her dorm piano practice room. Then I jizzed in my pants... which were on the floor.
by real_voldemort October 11, 2011
A substitute sex act, where the man inserts his penis into a woman's vagina without making any thrusting motions or sexual movements and then subsequently withdrawing himself before reaching climax.

A lame lie one says to convince himself that he did not actually participate in intercourse.
"Yeah, we hooked up the other night. But it didn't really count as intercourse, it was purely docking."
by real_voldemort October 11, 2011
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