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Finger used primarily for puling the trigger of a gun. Usually, this finger is one's index finger. Through much practice the trigger finer can be used for several other things as well though.

1) Intense peace signs.

2) Intensely pointing at people.

3) Poking people in the face really hard.

4) Poking people in the nose really hard.

5) Directing traffic back and forward.

6) Fingering your girlfriend. (Guys)

7) Fingering yourself. (Girls.)

8) Fingering your girlfriend. (Lesbians)

9) Fingering yourself. (Shemales)

As you can see, your trigger finger can be a vital part to several functions in necessary to your normal daily functions.
"I pulled my trigger finger out on my girl and it was a sensational orgasm. I'll have to use it more often now. :)"
by Ready-Liver July 05, 2009
A common misspelling of the word dick while texting.
Matt: Hey fucktard! i told u i didnt need ur opinion!

Tim: Matt why r u being such a dial?
by Ready-Liver May 12, 2009
The 'cool' way of saying possessed.
Father: Is my daughter ok?

Priest: Yo, seems she's a lil pazzazzed!
by Ready-Liver May 28, 2009
Slang (both in pronunciation and spelling) for the word dragging.
Guy 1: 'Ey, what you be doin' tonight?

Guy 2: Mang, I be dragon my balls across her chest all night long.

Guy 1: Dayum mang.
by Ready-Liver May 28, 2009
A face usually given in disgust or in discontent with a situation. It involves any facial gesture that, literally, makes someone say "What the fuck?"
All through study-hall, Tiras would stare at Rebecca. Rebecca just glared over at Tiras like he was a creeper with a what the fuck face.
by Ready-Liver May 10, 2009
A word created by ignorant pricks who couldn't manage the time to learn the English language. Suspected to originate around the early 1900s on Angel Island, where many Asian immigrants lacked proper English.

Irregardless means exactly the same thing as regardless, regardless of its negativity.

See Regardless
Asian Immigrant: Irregardless, I do what (I)want!
by Ready-Liver May 07, 2009
1. The retarded cousin of the word Grammar.

2. Sometimes even confused as a cracker by little kids.
1. I think mah grammer iz gittin' bettor.

2. Mommy, can I have a grammer cracker?
by Ready-Liver May 07, 2009

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