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A person who makes "That's what she said jokes," to their own comments. Usually a real fucking wetard.
Guy 1: So how was the hike over here?

Guy 2: It was long and hard... That's what she said.

Guy 1: Mang, you're a fuklin!
by Ready-Liver May 08, 2009
The place in the world where everything's bigger.
I moved to Texas and my penis got bigger.
by Ready-Liver November 07, 2009
The magical horse with a penis on its head instead of a horn, distant relative of the unicorn.
Guy: I saw a penicorn today. I rubbed its horn three time sbut it didn't give me any magical wishes, but it did give me some magical goo. I used it as a substitute for mayonnaise I made for my parents.
by Ready-Liver July 05, 2009
When you throw a parapalegic out of there wheelchair onto a waist-high, stable platform such as a bed or park bench. After you pull down the cripple's pants, you forcefully wedge one of the wheels from the wheelchair in between their butt-cheeks and violently turn the wheel untill you draw blood and or feces.
The other night, I walked up to Stephen Hawking in the middle of Centeral Park. I threw him onto a stump and cranked the wheel between his cheeks. After the wheel was completly brown, he typed out on his computer "My conclusion is that I have the only existing black hole on planet Earth." - Alaskan Brown Wheelchair
by ready-liver August 02, 2010
To do something outrageous
Jimmy flipped three thousand times in one jump, he was really smoking balls.
by Ready-Liver July 05, 2009
A common quick comeback after being burned. It usually involves some restatement of the harasser's previous statement and is either used as a prefix or suffix of a sentence. 'Your mom" may also have additional burns added to it to make it seem more creative, but really it's just not.
Harasser: Man, you're car is real piece of shit.

Guy: Your mom was a piece of shit last night.
by Ready-Liver May 08, 2009
The singular form for a pornographic magazine.
'Ey man, can you pass me my nudey?
by Ready-Liver May 08, 2009
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