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2 definitions by rdbrewer

Noun. 1) A nozzle that spews shit; 2) an asshole; 3) an insufferable person; 4) synonym for "PincherMartin"; 4) a person who spouts shit all day long from their pie hole; 5) kisser of pseudo ass.

Adjective. Used in pejorative fashion to describe an unpleasant person. Typically seen modifying the noun "PincherMartin" in a hypothetically perfect universe philosophers often refer to as "The Perfect World."
Noun: PincherMartin is a fucknugget, senescent, shitsome, cloaca shitnozzle with verbal diarrhea and a host of information processing disabilities.

Adjective: Talk to shitnozzle PincherMartin and get me the fecalphile fucknugget perspective on the effect of personal savings on the balance of trade and the economics of minimum wage increases during a period of increasing deficit spending and a limping economy.

by rdbrewer September 26, 2005
9 5
Noun. A sharp pejorative for limited use on the most unpleasant of the thought challenged.

Adjective. Used to describe the most senescent of fartsome cloacas. Often seen modifying the noun "PincherMartin."
Noun: PincherMartin is the drum-major of fucknuggets in The Perfect World of marching bands.

Adjective: That fucknugget PincherMartin cannot process the information he allegedly gleans from all the books he lies about reading.
by rdbrewer September 26, 2005
15 21