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A raviform is a uniform you wear when you go out to rave.
Luke: I think I might just go and snoop around the Galleria for cheap rave stuff since I have nothing better to do.
Jack: Does Dave have a raviform? 'Cause I don't so I'd feel silly if I was the only one who didn't...
Luke: I won't get a full raviform, just one or two accessories.
#rave #uv #uniform #font #friday night
by raviformjack May 15, 2009
Performance Enhancing Beer. A beer that makes you awesome at sport.
Dave drinks a PEB, but still sucks at pool. This is an example of an unsuccessful PEB.
#peb #dave #00dave #performance enhancement #raviform #pec
by raviformjack May 17, 2009
Performance Enhancing Coke. A Coca Cola that gives you an "edge" in upcoming competitive sports/performance.
Luke drinks a PEC before football.
#pec #coca cola #coke #performance enhancing #drugs
by raviformjack May 17, 2009
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