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anyone or anything who intentionally or unintentionally ruins another person's "roll" or prevents them from having a good time at a rave or some type of music festival.

The complete opposite of the meaning of the term P.L.U.R. (Peace, Love Unity Respect).
"That 15 year old girl wearing furry boots and fish nets that kept dancing obnoxiously around in my personal space while I tried to listen to the massive bass was a complete ravekill."

"Whoever pulled the fire alarm at Beyond Wonderland, was a total ravekill."
by ravepest August 25, 2011
Short for Bottomless Mimosas.
I only choose to go to Brunch places that offer BOMOS.
by ravepest May 22, 2016
Bottomless Mimosas
I only brunch places with BOMOs.
by ravepest May 29, 2016
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