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one who lacks a power supply causing indefinite uselessness
Man, I'm about as useless as an xkmonkey
by Raven November 14, 2003
Some one who is such a huge 'fan' of something, that they have surpased the "fan" or "fanatic" level.
"I am a HUGE Harry Potter fandork!"
by Raven May 25, 2003
GOD PLAYER!!!!! the most hated RPer in RP!!!!
Billy (LigerZero007) is a god player
by Raven July 02, 2003
Keep away From him
Kazare, The Seventeenth
by Raven June 12, 2003
1. a game on battle.net that is open to everyone

2. the above defenition, except everyone is a noob

3. sometimes, private games can seem like pubbies if they include chawtf, sica, or 13lood.prince
hey, lets make it a pubby, there arent enough people to make a private game
by Raven March 05, 2004
Short for "Shampoo Immunity". It is when shampoo can be used for lube in anal stimulation of the prostate without it burning.
Damn man, that guy has shimmy. I still have to use KY or conditioner.
by Raven July 19, 2004
Someone that is extremly "homo" but not actually homosexual. Also refered to in short by goon.
i.e. Brian Paddock

Dude you are such a goon dick.
by Raven January 23, 2004

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