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What people called grunge before that term had a real definition, due to the combination of influences from metal and from 1960s garage rock.
Wolfmother are a current example of garage metal.
by Rattus cattus October 19, 2006
Contrary to what one would think a soccer mom is not the equivalent of an older football groupie outside North America. They may have secret fantasies about Becks but the name comes from driving their kids to soccer practice in their ]SUV]s or minivans. They are almost always upper middle class or upper class and usually white. They tend to be paranoid about any sort of sex, drugs, smoking, or obscene content in movies or music. Politically speaking they're usually Republicans (although not usually religious right type Repubs, they tend more towards being Giuliani/Bloomberg/Arnold type GOPers) in red areas or they're DLC-type Dems ((i.e. Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton) in Dem areas. They usually live in suburbs or exurbs although there are some that live in urban areas.
You know this area changed once the soccer moms moved in and they're trying to close down all the bars and nightclubs because they're scared about their kids.
by Rattus cattus October 19, 2006
A campy late 1950s anti-drug propaganda film starring Russ Tamblyn with Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester from The Addams Family) playing a soda fountain owner/drug lord. It opens up with a sequence of Jerry Lee Lewis playing the title song, one of his all time best songs (The Killer was considered to represent the height of depravity at the time to mainstream America, hence his presence in the film). One could say it's more or less the dark side of "Happy Days" as clean cut American teenagers start smoking pot, listening to rock and blues, getting into juvenile delinquency and (implied, given the era) promiscuity, and eventually heroin. It's a lot more fun to watch than "Reefer Madness" not only because of Jerry Lee (and the whole idea of Uncle Fester getting kids hooked on pot and then moving them on to heroin) but because it is actually a pretty well made film in a 50s B way.
In the 70s people would go to midnight screenings of High School Confidential and get stoned.
by Rattus cattus October 19, 2006
Derogatory racist term used by white supremacists to describe any group from Africa, the Middle East, or Asia, or of ancestry from any of those places, and sometimes even used to describe people of European ancestry who are considered to be white by normal people. Use of this term generally indicates severe mental illness in the person using it.
To groups like the KKK, Chinese, blacks, Moroccans and South Asians all fall under the inexplicable category of "mud races"
by Rattus cattus October 24, 2006
Beach town between Marina del Rey and Santa Monica known for homelessness, teen runaways, drug dealers, hookers, junkies,gang members (most of whom nowadays are wanna bes), tourists and wealthy yuppies who are well in the process of completely taking over thanks to gentrification. The home of some great rock bands in the past like Jane's Addiction and the Doors as well as the shittiest band of all time Suicidal Tendencies
the real Venice died years ago, it's become a yuppie tourist trap
by Rattus cattus July 04, 2006
an irrational, mindless quest for revenge, derived from the Islamic term for struggle.
"Ever since he got ripped off he's been on a jihad"
by Rattus cattus June 29, 2006
Bald, fat character actor best known for playing Uncle Fester in The Addams Family and countless 1950s/60s/70s B films and TV shows.
Jackie Coogan was the only true Uncle Fester.
by Rattus cattus October 26, 2006

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