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1/2 wack-ass rejected version of Compton and 1/2 wack-ass drama version of the O.C. You either move out of here when you graduate or end up making babys with your high school sweetheart, while living in a mobile home with your mother.
Where the fuck is Atwater again?
by FOLKS April 01, 2006
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A closed-minded environment.Full of Bigots.A small Hick-town full of wannabe Gangstas,Rednecks,and it has a large amount of Homophobes.It's a very Anti-Gay Town.I know from experience,i used to live in Atwater in 2001,i used to go to Atwater High in 1993,i lived down in Merced,Born and raised.Now i live near New York City.I miss the West Coast,but not Atwater.This town is very very very Anti-Gay.full of Cowboys that are closet-cases.Like totally Gay and far from Hetero.If your Openly-Gay and live in or near Atwater,you better run as far as you can and don't look back because Atwater will Ruin your pride.Run.Run! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!!!!
by Gilbert Ray Reyes Aka Maverick January 18, 2009
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n. The male sex organ, usually means a "Dick"

1. Dude, your such an Atwater!
2. I put my Atwater in a bowl of pudding last night.
by Brad McGreggor April 04, 2007
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