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the neptunes

the best production team of (n.e.r.d.), of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shae

produced countless #1 hits
produced by the neptunes
by randy [blur] robbins June 27, 2004
means 'everybody'

old philly slang
ey-body = everybody
ey-one = everyone
ey-thang = everything
by Randy [Blur] Robbins January 04, 2005
Police Secretly Watching Hip-Hop Artists
Yo, pull over and buy these hiphop polices some doughnuts.. they been following us for the last 100 miles..
by Randy [blur] Robbins February 03, 2006
Straight up, exactly without lying
Not cool, stooped to a new low level of respect (Cold Blooded)
Low temperatures
Common cold
A hard rock band
We just hangin out; cold chillin
Why'd you have to go and kick Jimmy in the nuts? That was cold
Yo it's cold as fuck outside
I stayed home from school today 'cause I got a cold
Did you go to the new Cold concert?
by Randy [blur] Robbins February 24, 2006
Philly slang- everything
aybody in dis bish gettin tipsy hit da floor and gimme aythang in the ca$H reg ya her't me?
by randy [blur] robbins May 17, 2004
1. When a chick squat on dance floor while dancing.
Drop it like it's hot
Drop Drop
like its hot
by Randy [Blur] Robbins January 20, 2005
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