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Courage. synonym: Intestinal Fortitude
you don't have the guts for that
by Random832 December 19, 2003
A dead breed, once those on slashdot who would play up to the prejudices of the masses to get positive moderation on their comments
by Random832 November 01, 2003
Red topless (not convertible) sportscar, custom plate "OHTORI", appears in places it shouldn't be able to drive to. Its engine is the sound that races around the end of the world.
Don't you just love the throb of the engine?
by Random832 February 21, 2005
In games or tv series (particularly anime), a short event or battle that is drawn out to several hours / multiple episodes, often for dramatic effect or clarity of events.
The DBZ effect was clearly shown in our game when a battle that took 24 sceonds in game took and hour to role play.
by Random832 February 07, 2004
Melted cheese wrapped in burnt cheese. As seen on the webcomic Schlock Mercenary (www.schlockmercenary.com)... often served with monosfritos.
Would you like a chupaqueso to go with your BLAM! ?
by Random832 November 16, 2003
Not quite a mistake, but something you'd still do over again if you had the chance.
One stnank was the twins email - another was kicking the cheat in email 23
by Random832 September 17, 2005
A website where former trolls and karma whores from slashdot actually act civilized. annoying because there's no way to (in a manner similar to raising the threshold on slashdot) reduce the number of comments displayed to allow for quick reading
kuro5hin is not pronounced with "shit" on the end, but urbandictionary won't let me modify the pronunciation despite the fact that every single other definition posted had a different one than the last.
by Random832 November 01, 2003

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